A Few Words About Me

Hi, everyone who has found this blog and welcome. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Baldwin and I am a journalist and writer at Topwritingreviews. Though my colleagues prefer to call themselves former or retired journalists I believe once a journalist, a journalist forever. I keep working on what I truly love – news. For now, I`ve been in journalism for almost half a century and have worked with tens of respected media all around the world. Most of them were printed and recently, they began to lose ground as new times demand new rules. And as much as I love newspapers I still would like to try myself in blogging as well. I believe I`ve quite enough to offer to young people who take their first steps into journalism.

So, what you can find here, in the blog? First of all, breaking news, trending opinions, fresh investigations, historical accidents and everything on the agenda of the day. Besides, there will be info about all the major cultural events in NYC (I hope to extend the coverage in the future). And the most fascinating part of this blog is analytical pieces on the current situation. These not simply describe what`s happened and why. They are needed to predict the consequences of some events and suggest possible ways to solve the problem. I promise it would be both informative and exciting. So, ready, steady, go!