Why I decided to start this blog

There are three reasons why I decided to start this blog.

First. I came to New York after school when I was 18 years old and started to work as a writer at Top writing reviews. Of course, not the very first day. I looked for a job vacancy for quite a long time and used to work part-time at the café and supermarket and clean the streets. Sounds like a desperate situation, huh? But I knew what I wanted for myself and I worked to improve my skills and become a person every media would want to employ. In a few months I found what I`d been looking for and got a job at a newspaper.

Second. Back then my parents wanted me to become a lawyer and weren`t very impressed by the fact I found a job which could hardly cover my expenses. All my family hoped I would stop doing nonsense and look for something better to earn for my own and my family`s living.

And third. We all know that the most reasonable decisions are always made only when we have enough time to think them over and plenty of information to predict possible outcomes of our actions. It`s something we learn from our own experience that`s why no example is needed here.

All these three points perfectly explain why I chose journalism. First, I would like to inspire young people and prove everything is possible if you know what you want to achieve. Second, I would like everyone to do what they believe in, not what others tell them to do. Third, I want to keep people informed about things happening around them every day so that they understand what, when and where.